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Visitor visas allow travel to New Zealand for various purposes, including for holidays and meeting family or friends. You do not need to formally apply for a visitor visa if you're a citizen of a visa-waiver country; however, you will still need to request and be granted a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) before travelling.


Whether or not you are from a visa-waiver country, everyone travelling to New Zealand by air must complete a New Zealand Traveller Declaration, which is different from the NZeTA.

Different kinds of visitor visa are available depending on your situation and requirements. While Professional Immigration Services is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, modern technology and Immigration New Zealand's move to online visa processing means that our Christchurch immigration advisor can assist clients living anywhere in NZ and the world. We will recommend the right type of visitor visa for your circumstances and advise you on the documents required to apply. Every category of visitor visa has a different set of requirements, and it is important to provide evidence of meeting those requirements in order to avoid unnecessary complications in the application.


Some types of visitor visa that we help with are:

  • General Visitor Visa (like a tourist visa)

  • Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa (only available to the parents and grandparents of New Zealand citizens/residents)

  • Culturally Arranged Marriage Visitor Visa (only available to the fiancés/spouses of New Zealand citizens/residents)

  • Business Visitor Visa (mainly for people undertaking business consultations or negotiations in New Zealand)

Looking for a visitor visa for your partner or child?

For NZ partner visas, please see here: Partnership Category

For dependent child visas, please see here: Dependent Children

Services: Services


Need guidance? Professional Immigration Services offers obligation-free initial assessments to help clients better understand their situation and prospects. Whether you've received a concern letter from Immigration New Zealand or just need help planning your future, we will facilitate your needs and help get you to where you need to be.


Based in Christchurch city, Professional Immigration Services provides high quality, reliable advice in relation to New Zealand visa applications and other immigration-related matters. Equipped with in-depth industry knowledge and experience, Evelyn Dyer is a Licensed Immigration Adviser who has special expertise in a range of complex immigration issues. She is renowned for her caring attitude towards clients, fast response times and high level of personalised service. If you're looking for an immigration adviser who takes the time to listen to you and understand your whole situation, Evelyn is the adviser for you.


Unlike other areas of law, the immigration industry in New Zealand is fast-moving and dynamic. Sometimes, policy changes are introduced quite literally overnight, so we are constantly updating our knowledge and clarifying grey areas with Immigration New Zealand's management team. If you're interested in keeping up to date with New Zealand immigration law and policy changes, keep an eye on our Blog page for the latest in immigration news, tips and articles.

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